The Oral History Tour of Madrid, NM

Long before Abbie Hoffman called it "the Town too High to Die," Madrid produced the coal that both built the Bomb and inspired Walt Disney. 

Abandoned for years, it was reborn as a thriving artistic community.  This self-guided audio tour lets you hear Madrid's stories, told by the people who lived them.

Santa Fe Reporter: "There's A New Tour In Town"

"It's  a deep dive into the fascinating history of the little town. You'll find interviews with locals, some of whom have lived in Madrid their whole lives, and a narrator with a soothing voice ... 

One might be skeptical of the accuracy of the GPS, especially when all the buildings are so close together, but that's not the case; it works exceedingly well ... 

Every building in Madrid, be it a little jewelry shop or a public bathroom, tells a story."

 -- Santa Fe Reporter  (October 22, 2018)  


Purchase the Tour on your phone

Special discount on this $4.99 tour:  it's only $3.99 if you buy it it in Madrid at Jezebel Gallery, the Hollar Restaurant, Gifted Hands Gallery, or the Old Boarding House Mercantile.

The Tour starts at the main entrance of the Mineshaft Tavern

The tour can be paused, skipped and rewinded -- and it never expires, so you don't have to do it all at once.  The whole tour is about 2 hours.

It will tell you where to go, and there's a map as well

For best results, you should take the walking tour in Madrid, New Mexico.  However, you can also just listen to the oral history on your phone, wherever you are. 


the story behind these stories

I got the idea for the Madrid tour while researching a different audio project.  It occurred to me that my hometown has such a fascinating history, and so many incomparable storytellers, that this tour could be both an introduction for the curious visitor as well as a vault for Madrid's collective chronicle.  The advancing years of many old-timers was an added consideration.  In sad fact, a distressing number of voices on the tour have deceased -- yet with great humility, I believe that a small part of their stories live on here.  

I realized that to achieve the production level which this documentary deserved, I would need funding to pay the storytellers for their contributions, buy recording equipment, and promote the project.  So I organized a crowdfunding campaign, Bingo at the Mineshaft Tavern and Kickstarter.  It was so successful that I was able to expand the project's scope, and ultimately recorded over seventy hours of interviews.  Cutting down all those interviews into a tidy two-hour walking tour, I was forced to leave out a number of especially picante tales.   Some of these may be found in "Too Hot For Tourons," now available through discreet inquiry.

Bespoke Walking and Driving Tours

Augmented Reality

For my discerning clients, I propose to create tours of heart-provoking adventure, intriguing stories rooted in authenticity. 

Low cost, high impact

That the tours require no ongoing maintenance, and can be endlessly repurposed, bolsters their durable value. The original content will attract earned media attention, a force multiplier to maximize the effectiveness of any promotional campaign.  My experience and diligence will deliver a sterling product. 

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the 2017 Kickstarter Campaign

This was the teaser for the wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, from way back in 2017.  

This project simply wouldn't have happened without these generous souls

Brian Mayhall          Bill Kennard          Robert Poliner  

Nancy Dransfield          Marsha Adler          Sachin Teli  

Carol Carpenter          Cara Olson-Kolb          Oakley Biesanz  

Charlotte Jusinski      Bernadette Jusinski     Trey Corkern  

Elisa Keir          David Jacangelo & the Jacangelo family  

Sara L. Wice          Larry Goldberg          Melissa Ewer  

Gregor MacDuffie & Maria Grande          Elaine Baskin  

Tom Moran             Peter Hopewell                Elaine Ikeda  

Bill Fenstermaker          Bill Adler       Nicholas Helfrich  

Maralyn Lois Polak          Michelle Smith          Stavo Craft  

Stephanie Coulthard          Gina Pierce           Evan White  

James McGrath Morris        Marsha Fonteyn     Ellen Dietrich  

Sue Hopewell    Christin Boyd      Andrea Fiegel & Jada White  

Alain Marcelino         Constance Moss