spring in Japan

Sunbeams lance
through low churning clouds
hawks circle on broad wings
stiff like kites

Mountains above Usuki :
pale cherry blossoms
bloom among the pines

Shōchū with my brother
up to the moon sky
through clouds of sakura

Some unnamed scent,
some unseen bird’s song
haunt this cool green bamboo forest

Usuki Stone Buddha 
century lips still red
just about to speak

Beauty looked at me,
pulling on her boots ...
Kannon’s temple
in Spring rain

This night ferry
leaves a long wide wake
under bright moon,
cold wind on deck

Boy runs up,
Tatasakiyama monkey
smacks him across the face

nominated for the venerable Pushcart Prize by The Journal of Truth and Consequence:

She has me

toasting her with tequila 

alone in my night kitchen  

Four Seasons in Haiku

These four poems were included in the art project "Telepoem Booth" at the New Mexico Highlands University installation.


Telepoem Booth

Kids and puppies love poetry!