To The Last Drop

When water is discovered in the desert borderlands of Texas and New Mexico, a war erupts between the states.   (adaptation of my novel).  Thriller.   

The Malignant Inferno

In a world built on convenience, what must we give up to reclaim our soul?     (adaptation of my novel).  Science Fiction.   

Pirates of Crude

Modern pirates feast on drug smugglers in the Caribbean, but push their freedom too far when they seize a crude oil supertanker.   (adaptation of my novel).  Thriller.

The Object: a love story

An  adventurous woman's life story, told from the points-of-view of her  lovers, enemies and strangers, reveals the interconnectedness of our lives.  (adaptation of my novel).  Drama.

Backgammon For Blood

In the deadly world of international high-stakes underground backgammon, a reluctant prodigy rises to challenge the man who killed his father.   (original screenplay, co-written with Erik Sawyer).  Comedy.   

Bar Fruit

A child growing up in a family restaurant uncovers secrets which threaten to destroy his family, and the restaurant too.  (original screenplay, co-written with Erik Sawyer).  Comedy.