To The Last Drop

The Object: a love story

The Object: a love story


This rollicking novel follows memorable characters on all sides of a present-day water war between Texas and New Mexico. 

The Object: a love story

The Object: a love story

The Object: a love story


The Object: a love story is the tale of Sandra Briar’s life, 

as told by fifty different characters.

After Bells Had Rung And Were Silent

The story of a girl's life from ages 8-18, told by ten different narrators.  This book's main  character returns in The Object, a novel which expands and explores the  premise with fifty distinct points-of-view.  (1996)

The Journey Itself Is Home

In this picaresque adventure, the narrator learns that he has gotten a young  girl pregnant. He travels around the country trying to find the runaway on a journey which echoes the travelogues of the haiku poet Bashō.  (1998)

Pirates of Crude

A story about modern-day pirates who prey on drug smugglers in the Caribbean.  The modern pirates operate in the same waters using the same tactics as the pirates of olde centuries. Machine guns have replaced cannons, engines have replaced sails, cocaine has replaced doubloons.  Little else has changed.  The book bulges with sex, drugs, violence, infernal history  and black humor.  (2001)

The Malignant Inferno

A dystopic novel in the spirit of 1984 and Brave New World.  In a near-future where convenience is the only ideal, what happens when a member of the privileged class drops through the floor of his society and must make an exodus on foot across the desert with a dog?  (2003)

Sacking Iceland

The story of an American writer in Iceland composing a novel.  The journal of the writer (set in Iceland) and the novel-within-the-novel (the story of a high school football team in the U.S.) are cut together to create a multi-layered literary adventure.  (2005) 

If, Then

I cannot offer a snappy, intriguing hook for an idea which currently has the form of a deep-ocean  jellyfish.  However, I will confess that If, Then will trace the potential paths of possible pasts, and the continuously evolving wonderland of our  existence.